AEPS Training Information

As noted on the Home Section of this website, The Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS ® ) published by Paul Brookes Publishing Company is a comprehensive curriculum-based assessment/evaluation measure. The AEPS ® is composed of two developmental levels: birth to three years and three to six years and is designed to identify individualized target skills for children with disabilities, children at risk for developing disabilities, as well as, children who are typically developing. Each level has an assessment/evaluation measure and a linked curricular aspect. In addition, the AEPS ® offers a range of supporting materials including: group assessment activities, goals and objectives associated with each assessment item, a measure to obtain family input, and an evaluation form designed to monitor child progress overtime.

The preferred method of collecting assessment information and subsequent evaluation of progress is through systematic observation of children while they are engaged in play and daily activities. Collection of information using observation requires that the AEPS ® user: 1) be familiar with the content and organization of the system, 2) know how to score, summarize, and interpret assessment/evaluation information, and 3) have significant knowledge of early child development and working with families. These requirements mean that most service providers (e.g., teachers, interventionists, therapists) will need training prior to using the AEPS ® if valid outcomes are to be obtained.

Developers of the AEPS ® in conjunction with the publisher, Paul Brookes, offer a range of training options for individuals/programs/faculty interested in adopting and/or using the AEPS ® . All first time users of the AEPS ® should attend the standard two-day training that covers the following topics: history, content, organization, scoring, summarizing, interpretation, tour of the four volume set, and practice opportunities. A variety of other half and full day trainings that build from the standard training are also offered. A train-the-trainers option is also provided, however, participants must first attend the standard 2-day AEPS ® training and gain considerable experience using the tool before seeking train-the-trainer status.

A two tiered list of AEPS ® trainers has been approved. Tier one is composed of Early Intervention Research and Management Group (EMRG) board members. Tier one trainers meet the highest standards for training and have years of experience with the AEPS ®. Tier one trainers can provide any level of training and are official trainers for Brookes on Location (BOL). Approved trainers meet the following criteria:

  1. Approved trainers have an extensive background and grasp of early development (i.e., birth to age six) in the essential areas of fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, cognitive (i.e., problem solving), social-emotional, and social communication. Meeting this criterion generally requires completion of comprehensive course work in early development and foundations at the graduate level.
  2. Approved trainers have completed graduate coursework focused on traditional and alternative assessment and evaluation including issues focused on validity, reliability and utility.
  3. Approved trainers are knowledgeable about curriculum and service delivery practices in early intervention, early childhood, early intervention/early childhood special education. This knowledge requires completion of appropriate graduate coursework and extensive experience in the field.
  4. Approved trainers have extensive experience in administering the AEPS ® (i.e., administered both levels to at least 30 children at varying ages) and comprehensive knowledge of its content and associated research.
  5. Approved trainers have experience developing and delivering inservice and preservice training to a range of AEPS ® users (i.e., have participated in at least 5 AEPS ® trainings).

Meeting these criteria helps ensure that the breadth and quality of the training provided will meet high standards, and will convey appropriate and correct information about the AEPS ® and its use. There may be times where unique circumstances exist and a person does not meet the criteria, but the EMRG board unanimously approves of their inclusion as an approved trainer. For including new trainers where one or more of the above criteria are not met, please submit a brief statement regarding the nomination/recommendation to the EMRG board to consider.

A list of individuals who qualify as tier one trainers is provided below.

Tier One List of Approved AEPS® Trainers/BOL Trainers

Name Location Contact Information
Carmen Dionne Quebec , CANADA Carmen_Dionne@UQTR.CA
Jennifer Grisham-Brown Lexington, KY
JJ Johnson St. Cloud, MN
Marisa Macy State College , PA
Kristine Slentz Bellingham, WA
Misti Waddell Eugene, OR

For additional information about AEPS ® training, please contact: